San Jose Gets Cannabis Equity Grant

The City of San Jose has accepted a $150,000 state grant to examine ways to boost racial equity in the cannabis industry.

San Jose has had its sights on cannabis equity for some time. It received $560,000 toward its cannabis equity program last year.

“The question is about who actually paid the price for our decades of failed policy — because that’s what it is,” William Armaline, sociology professor at San Jose State University, told San Jose Spotlight. “Of course it was racist and of course it’s all these things … but we have to really understand what this is. It’s failed policy and very real people paid the price for that failure.”

A number of cities have pursued equity programs to reverse the injustices of the War on Drugs and help people of color gain a foothold in the bourgeoning cannabis industry. But those programs haven't always been successful. Problems abound in Los Angeles and San Francisco. CalMarijuanaPolicy has also seen some exploitation of these programs by white, wealthy investors. 

With the latest grant, San Jose hopes it can make its equity program more effective.