Cannabis Entrepreneurs Face Slower Permitting During Pandemic

The cannabis permitting process has been slowed in jurisdictions around the state as a result of coronavirus.

Sonoma West Times & News reports that cannabis entrepreneurs in cities like Sebastopol saw the permitting process delayed as government offices closed or scaled back work.

“A number of hearings that were scheduled were of course canceled and postponed. That slows everything down for the industry,” local grower Mitcho Thompson told the publication. “There are many hours that go into preparing for hearings. Outreach to neighbors and getting supporters to attend and speak up for the project and lobbying decision makers. That’s kind of all stopped midstream, so not only does the inertia change, but people are paying overhead for properties either rent or mortgage to sustain their business plans and hopes and dreams.”

Now that things are reopening, businesses are coming online again. In the meantime, delivery sales have expanded throughout the county and state — one trend that appears certain to continue.