Study Highlights Benefits of Legal Cannabis Tourism

States that choose to legalize recreational marijuana often have the benefits of cannabis tourism in mind. That’s for good reason, according to the latest data.

A study on legalization’s impacts on tourism was recently published in the Journal of Regional Analysis & Policy. According to Benzinga, “researchers compared hotel and tourism trends in both Colorado and Washington post legalization with states where marijuana remained illegal. Researchers concluded that legal marijuana boosted Colorado and Washington as travel hotspots following legalization, with an even higher increase once retail sales began.” 

Colorado saw 51,000 additional hotel bookings after legalization and 120,000 more after it opened sales up to out-of-state visitors. Washington also saw a bump, but it was half of Colorado’s, possibly because Colorado is an easier travel destination.

As states look to recover from the pandemic-induced recession, legalization and the cannabis tourism it brings may be an important policy option to consider.