Re-Imagining Weed: What Will Pot Shops Look Like After the Pandemic?

We spend a lot of time imagining what the world will look like after the coronavirus pandemic has passed. What will classrooms look like? What about restaurant seating? Will there even be massive concerts or festivals anymore?

Inside Hook’s Reuben Brody recently explored the future of cannabis dispensaries and how they‘re likely to change in the aftermath of the global crisis. He sees a continued rise in cannabis delivery services—a trend that was on the upswing before the virus hit. Despite economic hardship, he thinks we’ll continue to see the growth of high-end retail. Brody is also predicting a “kinder” business model to prevail. The industry leaders he spoke with believe consumers will demand it.

”If anything, I’d argue it’s even more important in this space to be a conscious consumer given the history of this industry, and the war on drugs, and how disproportionately it impacted people of color,” said Kate Miller, co-founder of Miss Grass. “Forty-thousand people are still in jail for weed,” she says. “When we smoke with impunity or we have a cannabis conversation in the same conversation that we’re talking about yoga and wellness, it’s extremely important to us that we shine a light on all of that.”

“Maybe this is naive optimism,” she added, “but I do feel optimistic that conscious capitalism is the wave of the future across all industries. And of course, it’s extremely important in cannabis, given its history.”

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