With Crisis Afoot, What’s Next for the Cannabis Industry?

How is the global pandemic affecting the nascent legal cannabis industry? Six marijuana business leaders recently sat down with Forbes’ writer Iris Dorbian to discuss that very question.

“Cannabis is a very social industry with networking events, conferences, trade shows and parties,” Colorado-based WAFBA co-founder Morris Beegle told Dorbian. That has hurt. But more people than ever urn to cannabis’ relaxing properties during crisis so “coronavirus seems to have had less of an impact on the cannabis industry than nearly any other facet of our economy,” acknowledged Katie Stem, CEO of Peak Extracts (Oregon).

Sam Ludwig, president of Oakland’s Aster Farms, believes we can expect to see way more cannabis delivery options in the future. As some aspect of social distancing becomes a normal way of life, cannabis shops will need to move more of their commerce online.

Going forward, “we’d like the entire industry to be recognized as an essential service to millions of Americans and allow for standard business write-offs and practices” as well, said Ludwig.

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