McClatchy Explores Russian Oligarchs’ Involvement with NorCal Pot Companies

Last year, CalMarijuanaPolicy reported on the California cannabis industry’s ties to some members on the periphery of the Trump impeachment scandal. Now, an investigation by McClatchy has revealed that one of those individuals—a Russian financier—had much deeper ties to the industry than previously thought.

McClatchy’s report centers around Andrei, or Andrey, Muraviev, co-founder of a Russian investment fund who went to school in San Francisco. McClatchy’s research indicates he is the “Foreign National-1” mentioned in a federal indictment against impeachment figures Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, as well as David Correia, and Andrey Kukushkin.

According to McClatchy, Parmas, Fruman, and Muraviev set their sights on California after a Nevada cannabis venture blew up.

“Prosecutors wrote that the unnamed foreign national intentionally obscured his involvement in the marijuana investment because of ‘his Russian roots and current political paranoia about it,’” McClatchy reports.

The report uncovers what appear to be questionable and longstanding links to cannabis ventures in Sacramento and San Francisco. And it also calls into question the transparency of California’s cannabis market.

Read the in-depth report here