These States and Cities Have the Most Marijuana Dispensaries Per Capita

Cathedral City has the largest number of cannabis dispensaries per capita in California, according to new rankings by Verilife

The site analyzed marijuana dispensary listings from over 600 cities with at least 50,000 people in states that have legalized medical or recreational weed. Cathedral City ranked 12th nationally, while Santa Cruz ranked 25th. They were the only cities to make the list.

The top five cities for per capita dispensaries in America were:

1. Missoula, MT
2. Medford, OR
3. Pueblo, CO
4. Eugene, OR
5. Denver, CO

Oregon has the most dispensaries per capita of any state, followed by Oklahoma, Montana, then Colorado. California—because of its tough regulatory process and local control—ranks 10th out of 36 states.

See full rankings and methodology here