Raleigh Mayor Tweets Out Photo of Her Home. Users Spot What Looks Like a Weed Pen in the Background.

A photo tweeted out by the mayor of Raleigh, North Carolina is attracting attention after people noticed an apparent marijuana vape pen in the frame.

Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin tweeted out a photo of takeout food she ordered while sequestered in her home on March 14. She was trying to encourage people to tip their local restaurants well during the pandemic.

“Here is what we did tonight to support our local restaurants. Take out from Garland. And we left a 35 percent tip. Please do the same,” she wrote.

Twitter users spotted what looks like a cannabis vape pen sitting next to the containers and wondered whether Mayor Baldwin may have had the munchies.

“Mayor Baldwin we are looking for confirmation,” one user wrote. “Do you indeed puff puff pass?”

“So if you or I get caught w marijuana in N.C. we get thrown in jail while the mayor posts pictures telling you how much to tip with her weed pen in the picture,” another person wrote.

Cannabis is illegal in North Carolina.