Medicinal Pot Retailer Wants to Test Cannabis on COVID-19 Patients

Could cannabis be used to treat people with COVID-19? One physician turned medical marijuana retailer hopes Canada’s government will approve a clinical trial to find out.

“What we know from medical cannabis over the course of the literature and the experience we’ve had in Canada over the years is that there are known anti-inflammatory properties that cannabinoids have — cannabinoids being the active ingredients that come from the cannabis plant,” Dr. Mohan Cooray, president and CEO of Toronto-based Cannalogue, told The Toronto Sun

“On top of that, we know from a medical standpoint that these active ingredients have immunomodulatory properties, meaning that they augment the immune system to make it better… and we’ve seen this in diseases such as Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis that medical cannabis functions as a naturally occurring immunomodulator.”

Cooray hopes to add cannabis to a growing list of experimental treatments for people with COVID-19.

There were 5,576 confirmed coronavirus cases in Canada as of March 28.