Joe Biden Wants You to Know He Doesn’t Think Marijuana is a Gateway Drug

Former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden has an important message for cannabis users and advocates: he no longer thinks marijuana is a ‘gateway drug.’

“When you talk about marijuana, everybody says, ‘Biden says it’s a gateway drug,’” he explained in an interview with The Shade Room aired on Tuesday. “I don’t think it’s a gateway drug.”

Biden’s past belief in the gateway drug theory is well known. But he made headlines just four months ago after suggesting once again that it holds some validity. 

He wants to put the issue to rest once and for all.

“I think we should totally decriminalize the use of marijuana and possession of marijuana,” he told The Shade Room. “Not only decriminalize it. If you have ever been convicted of anything having to do with marijuana possession or use, your record gets wiped clean. By that I mean you will legally be able to say if you were arrested and if you were put in prison that, guess what, when you do a job application [that says] ‘you ever been arrested or in prison?’ you can legally say no.”

Biden discussed a number of other issues during the interview, including criminal justice reform, healthcare, and reparations. Watch the interview here