IAES Holds First Conference on Cannabis Sustainability

With climate change barreling down on us, how can policymakers and cannabis growers ensure a sustainable future for the industry? That was the topic of discussion at the first Indoor Agriculture Energy Solutions (IAES) Conference in San Diego last month.

The conference was hosted by the Resource Innovation Institute. Its mission is “to advance resource efficiency to cultivate a better agricultural future. We achieve our mission by focusing our work in three areas: Intelligence, Policy and Education.” And it has developed a template for energy efficiency which it makes available to state and federal governments.

Conference goers heard a lot about the benefits of growing indoors. They also heard about the challenges—lighting, water, temperatures, and more. They delved into regulatory issues as well, and how federal prohibition makes sustainable cannabis operations more daunting.

Journalist Michael Miller had this to say

The conference connected policy makers, utility program managers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, researchers, manufacturers, cultivators and investors for the purpose of taking part in the shaping of energy policies and utility programs. IAES’s objective was to elevate innovative solutions related to energy access, efficiency and sustainability and to help shape the future of indoor agriculture.

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