Coronavirus Prompts Run on Dispensaries

The run on grocery stores expanded to cannabis dispensaries this week.

The announcement of an order that will compel millions of Bay Area residents to stay at home for at least three weeks to curb the spread of the coronavirus immediately had the opposite effect on Monday afternoon.

Grocery stores, pot dispensaries, and pharmacies were packed tight with people hoping to stock up on supplies before the order takes effect at the stroke of midnight Tuesday. It was clear Mayor London Breed’s call for calm had not been heard.

As of 2 p.m. pot retail stores were not listed among the businesses that the city viewed as “essential,” and lines were longest there. — Mission Local

California isn’t alone. As of March 15, all non-essential shops and bars have been closed in the Netherlands. As The Cannabis Exchange reports, that resulted in some panic buying among Dutch pot consumers. 

Just minutes after the announcement, queues of cannabis users could be seen gathering outside many of the country’s coffee shops. Customers were hoping to stock up on their favourite strains before closures took hold. However, all cannabis dispensaries have since been closed in the Netherlands due to Coronavirus prevention measures – perhaps for weeks.

Hey, if you’re going to be stuck at home, you might as well have some weed.