Pop-Up Weed Museum to Open in Willits

Weed has long been ubiquitous in the town of Willits, California. Now, the small city nestled in NorCal's Emerald Triangle is getting its very own marijuana history museum.

The pop-up exhibit will open Sunday, March 1st from 2-6pm. It’s called “The Emerald City Museum” and it was started by Richard Jergensen. He’s been collecting marijuana memorabilia for five decades.

From the museum's website:

For over 50 years, Richard Jergenson has been collecting, archiving and preserving many Cannabis Culture volumes, magazines and artifacts, all in great condition to share with all of us.

From resources of 1960's through 1980's Marijuana News, Art, and legalization News until the legalization process in California, we are bringing them to the public to view.

Amsterdam, Oaksterdam, Barcelona, Vancouver, Denver, Seattle,  Detroit all have Cannabis Culture Museums, Emerald Triangle needs one too!  
Here in Mendocino County, California - the Heart of the Emerald Triangle - we are ready to share our extensive lifestyle collection with others.  This interactive exhibit features stories about Protopipe and other paraphernalia, Magazines and seed catalogs of a bygone era, as well as the ancient history of cannabis.
Let’s re-brand Willits – declare our selves to be ‘THE Emerald City’ of the Emerald Triangle, it is very fitting. Visit the Cannabis Museum while it is the Emerald City Museum Popup!  Hours will vary.

Learn more at the Mendocino Voice