Promises Kept: Weedmaps Drops Thousands of Unlicensed Retailers

Weedmaps has reportedly dropped 2,700 illicit marijuana businesses from its platform, making good on a pledge it announced in August to stop advertising unlicensed dispensaries. The company now requests state license numbers from its clients as of Jan. 1.

The 2,700 figure was quoted by Sacramento-based consultant Jackie McGowan, as the company has not provided any actual figures yet.

“By McGowan’s tally, on Dec. 31, there were 5,610 listings on Weedmaps in California for various marijuana retailers,” Marijuana Business Daily reports. “By Jan. 3, that number had dropped to 2,920.”

Since there are only 1,181 legal retailers in the state, Weedmaps must have some underground businesses left on its platform. Their days may be numbered.


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