Cannabis Kiosks Help Retailers Flout Local Bans

You walk up to the touch-screen, select your cannabis of choice, and wait for it to be delivered. It’s a novel way one company has developed to skirt local bans on cannabis sales and it could soon spread throughout the state.

The Daily Democrat recently explored the new kiosk-delivery model developed by a Santa Ana-based cannabis company, The Joint. Santa Ana allows marijuana sales but the City of Anaheim, where The Joint has a kiosk, does not.

The legal ground is fuzzy, mainly because it hasn’t been tested — yet.

“It could go either way,” cannabis attorney Hilary Bricken told the Daily Democrat. “It could be brilliant, or it could be a suicide mission.”

State regulators greenlit statewide deliveries in 2018 despite fierce opposition from cities and local government advocacy groups. Local governments have challenged that decision in court.