Cannabis Kiosks Help Retailers Flout Local Bans

You walk up to the touch-screen, select your cannabis of choice, and wait for it to be delivered. It’s a novel way one company has developed to skirt local bans on cannabis sales and it could soon spread throughout the state.

The Daily Democrat recently explored the new kiosk-delivery model developed by a Santa Ana-based cannabis company, The Joint. Santa Ana allows marijuana sales but the City of Anaheim, where The Joint has a kiosk, does not.

The legal ground is fuzzy, mainly because it hasn’t been tested — yet.

“It could go either way,” cannabis attorney Hilary Bricken told the Daily Democrat. “It could be brilliant, or it could be a suicide mission.”

State regulators greenlit statewide deliveries in 2018 despite fierce opposition from cities and local government advocacy groups. Local governments have challenged that decision in court.



Monday, November 30, 2020 - 03:50

A San Luis Obispo County Superior Court judge has ruled that the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control overstepped its authority when it allowed billboards advertising cannabis products to go up along