NYPD Brags About Massive Pot Bust. But the Owner Says It Was Hemp.

The great national confusion over hemp vs. marijuana continues. And this time, it has ensnared New York’s Finest.

From the New York Post: 

The NYPD crowed that it confiscated a 106-pound marijuana shipment, but the owner of the company the flora was bound for says the greenery was no more than hemp containing legal CBD for use by cancer sufferers — and he’s got the papers to prove it.

Oren Levy, who sells hemp wholesale through his company GreenAngels CBD, claims that a “gung-ho” Fedex driver took it upon himself to report the shipment to the 75th Precinct when it arrived in Brooklyn — despite the fact that the cargo had all the necessary documentation to prove it was legal.

Cops determined it was straight-up, illegal marijuana, but Levy claims cops used an outdated testing method.

The two sides are now locked in a dispute. But the Post was able to review paperwork for the plants.

His hemp shipment was certified to contain .14 percent THC, according to documents he provided The Post.

That’s well below the federal limit of .3 percent.



Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - 04:32

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