The State of Cannabis Farming in Humboldt

Despite a rough start, cannabis cultivators in Humboldt County and the rest of the Emerald Triangle are finding their footing, benefitting from higher prices, growing demand, and some increased support for small farmers.

That’s according to an interview with Humboldt County Growers Alliance (HCGA) Executive Director Tara Carver, conducted by Marijuana Business Daily.

Carver makes clear she’s cautiously optimistic.

“We’re not calling it a victory here, but we’re enjoying a moment in time where we’re seeing some returns that give us hope,” she said in response to a question about small farmers’ prospects in the marketplace.

As you may recall, small Emerald Triangle growers struggled mightily after legalization thanks to new taxes and fees, permitting difficulties, oversupply, and the encroachment of large-scale farms. 

Carver explained how the county’s social equity program works as well:

The county board of supervisors directed staff to develop an equity program to help support the smallest farmers and legacy farmers who have been impacted by the war on drugs and don’t have access to banking.

So, what staff has done is set up a committee, and committee members have been appointed.

Then the committee will be able to review farmers’ applications, and it will be tiered, based on:

“How small you are?”
“Have you or a family member been raided or convicted of a cannabis cultivation in the past 50 years?”
“Are you an outdoor farmer or an indoor farmer?”
There’s all these different considerations.

The nuanced details of how the grants are going to be allocated, that’s where the discussion is. The thing is built. It’s now just down to dotting i’s and crossing t’s and having applicants apply.

Read the full interview here.