Napa Supervisors Vote to Extend Commercial Marijuana Ban

Napa County has voted to extend its current ban on commercial cannabis activities. Tuesday’s vote was unanimous. It takes the prohibition on commercial sales and cultivation beyond Dec. 4 when the current ban was set to expire.

The ordinance applies to all unincorporated areas of Napa. It takes effect next month.

Public hearings on commercial marijuana activities in Napa County are expected to be held sometime next year. A cannabis advocacy group, Napa County Citizens for Responsible Green Cannabis Regulations, was prepared to put the issue before voters in March of 2020 but decided to drop the measure and work with the Board of Supervisors and other stakeholders on a county ordinance instead.

In addition to the usual concerns over commercial pot such as crime, Napa County must contend with anxiety on the part of winemakers who believe cannabis would interfere with their operations.

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