Mitch McConnell Meets With California Pot Execs

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was in California last week meeting with marijuana industry executives.

(Talk about words you never thought you’d read.)

“McConnell is attending at least two days’ worth of meetings with cannabis industry executives, small-business owners and advocates in Southern California, in order to discuss potential cannabis-related banking reform, among other topics, according to people familiar with the matter,” MarketWatch reported on Oct. 10. “McConnell’s schedule includes two cannabis-related lunches with executives and advocates, one of which will take place in Newport Beach, Calif., and a tour of at least one cannabis-related company in the area.”

McConnell refused to comment on the trip, so it isn’t clear what’s behind his thinking. But the executives said they would use the opportunity to push cannabis reform.

McConnell is a lifelong opponent of cannabis use and reform, but we know he has a soft spot for the hemp industry. The way to his heart may be through CBD.

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