Medical Cannabis's Changing Landscape

Is medical marijuana about to flatline? Not so fast says Marijuana Business Magazine. While a number of reports show declining or stagnant sales across the nation, investors are banking on a windfall for the medical sector — and they’re putting up the green.

The publication has put out a new report titled, “A New Kind of Medical.” While it concludes the landscape is changing, it predicts a bright future for medical pot.

“It’ll look different than the way we think about it today,” said Nicholas Vita, CEO of New York-based operator Columbia Care.

The report predicts “wellness” will be the name of the game. Medications for serious illnesses such as epilepsy or cancer will be one part of it, but we'll also see an increase in sleep aids, anxiety relief, and more.

Marijuana Business Magazine bases its prediction on changing consumer demands, as well as a bevy of new cannabis drug development efforts.

The report delves into what the future of medical cannabis will look like and what the cannabis industry should be doing to capitalize on the changing demographics of medical users.

Be sure to check out the full report here



Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - 04:32

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