Martinez Approves Conditional Use Permit for What Could Be Its First Dispensary

Martinez is close to seeing its first legal cannabis dispensary.

The East Bay Times reports that Firefly Health Corporation has been granted a conditional use permit for its proposed shop on Sunrise Drive. It now has one year to acquire building permits before returning to the City Council for final approval.

The Council’s vote to grant Firefly a permit was unanimous. Nine other cannabis businesses have submitted plans for a second marijuana dispensary. One other business has already been rejected because it filed its proposal late.

"Rules are rules, they’re established for a purpose. … I don’t think just because you have a very sympathetic argument that the rules should be bent,” said Councilwoman Lara DeLaney.

The company had appealed the decision but it was rejected 4-0. Mayor Rob Schroder abstained from that vote because he says he has a working relationship with one of the owners.