DOJ Study Casts Doubt on the Harms of Legal Pot

One of the arguments anti-marijuana groups have consistently made against states’ rights is that marijuana reform can have negative impacts on neighboring states. But a new study commissioned by the U.S. Justice Department shows that is not the case.

From Marijuana Moment:

The paper’s authors said they sought to answer three questions in these analysis of state-level data: 1) How does legalization impact law enforcement resources in legal states? 2) How does it impact those resources in bordering, non-legal states? and 3) What does legalizing cannabis mean for drug trafficking?

They looked at legal states like Washington, Oregon and Colorado, plus neighboring states with prohibition such as Idaho, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The researchers found “no evidence that marijuana legalization had an impact on indicators in border states” and “no indications of increases in arrests related to transportation/trafficking offenses.”

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020 - 05:21

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