Cannabis in Hospitals Scuttled by Governor’s Veto, But Free Marijuana for Patients is a Go

Medical marijuana advocates were disappointed Saturday to learn that the most pro-cannabis governor in state history had vetoed a bill permitting terminally ill patients to use marijuana in healthcare facilities.

Gavin Newsom issued his veto “begrudgingly,” saying SB 305 “would create significant conflicts between federal and state laws that cannot be taken lightly.”

California NORML Director Dale Gieringer was unsatisfied with the explanation. He says the bill included exemptions for facilities flagged by federal authorities.

But it wasn’t all bad news for medical marijuana advocacy. Marijuana businesses can now give low-income patients free medical cannabis exempt from state taxes under SB 34.

“Gov. @GavinNewsom signed #SB34, our legislation to ensure #cannabis compassion programs - which provide free medical cannabis to low income patients - can survive,” Sen. Scott Wiener tweeted. “These programs are critical to the health of many with #HIV, cancer, PTSD & other conditions. Thank you, Governor!”

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