California’s Legal Marijuana Market: A Snapshot

Despite the sheer size and durability of California’s illegal marijuana market, regulated cannabis is still an enormous industry.

As this infographic from mgretailer shows, California’s legal weed market eclipses all other states, with $1.2 billion in total dispensary and delivery sales; $386.7 million in flower sales; $433.1 million in vape sales; $210.6 million in edibles; and $76.7 million in units sold.

California leads in all of the above categories when compared to Colorado, Oregon, and Arizona.

There are 696 total retail outlets in California. Colorado has more (838) and Oregon is close (649). Per capita spending on cannabis in California was $63.05 in 2018.



Wednesday, December 4, 2019 - 04:35

Pasadena leaders rejected proposed changes to the city’s cannabis zoning rules last week, leaving many wondering how — or if — it will it accommodate the six top commercial applicants.