Are You Ready For the Marijuana Breathalyzer?

After years of hard work, Oakland-based Hound Labs says its marijuana breathalyzer is almost ready for mass production. The impairment detection device could hit the marketplace as early as next year at a retail price of $5,000 each.

Hound Labs worked with the University of California, Berkeley to develop the product with funding from Intrinsic Capital Partners of Philadelphia. The device can detect cannabis use up to three hours after smoking or ingestion. Unlike traditional blood testing, it will not return a positive result days or weeks after someone has used marijuana. 

This would be a game changer for cannabis users and public safety, as well as for employers. Today, while driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal, is remains too difficult to detect impairment. Businesses are allowed to impose no-marijuana rules in-office but also struggle with the lack of reliable testing.