Yolo County Erases Hundreds of Marijuana Convictions

Yolo has become the latest county to use new technology to erase hundreds of marijuana convictions stretching back decades.

As KCRA reports, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Los Angeles and San Francisco counties teamed up with Code for America to erase pot convictions earlier this year. Yolo also benefited from the nonprofit’s help but, in a statewide first, carried out the expungements all on its own.

“As a result, 261 people now have no felonies on their record and 156 individuals now have no convictions on their record,” KCRA reports

When voters passed Prop. 64 in 2016, they created a pathway to erase or reduce marijuana sentences. Convicts could have their records cleared but they had to initiate the process. As a result of a subsequent law, all counties must review marijuana-related convictions for automatic expungement by July 1, 2020.


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