Major Cannabis Producer Says He's Worried About Vaping

The executive chairman of Canadian-based Aurora Cannabis told CNBC Thursday that he’s “very worried” about the tenuous status of vaping in the United States.

Vaping has quickly become one of the most popular methods for cannabis consumption in America. But new safety concerns, coupled with longstanding fears about youth marketing, have cast a shadow over electronic smoking devices.

“Personally, I am very worried about what I'm reading in the U.S.," Michael Singer said on the Power Lunch program. "In Canada, it's very different, and we're heavily regulated by Health Canada, which is a good thing."

His comments came one day after the Trump administration announced it would ban flavored e-cigarettes following hundreds of cases of vape-related respiratory illnesses, including at least six deaths.

Singer is not alone in his concerns. If and when the federal government relaxes rules on cannabis, industry officials worry vaping products could be regulated out of existence.

Health officials are still trying to determine with certainty the cause of the illnesses affecting vape users, but they strongly suspect Vitamin E acetate may be a factor.

It should be noted, as it is constantly being lost in this debate, that the vast majority of illnesses involved the use of unregulated vaping cartridges containing THC.