Happy National Expungement Week!

Saturday marked the start of the second annual National Expungement Week when jurisdictions across the U.S. extend expungement opportunities to some of the 77 million people with non-violent criminal histories. At the top of the list are those with low-level marijuana convictions who have found it hard to obtain jobs or loans because of a past prosecution for pot use.

Events are taking place through the 28th of September in over 30 cities, including Albuquerque; Atlanta; Austin; Boston; Chicago; Denver; Detroit; Holyoke; Honolulu; Lansing; Los Angeles; Macon; Milwaukee; New Bedford; New York; Newark; Phoenix; Philadelphia; Pontiac, Quincy; Royal Oak; San Francisco; San Marcos; Savannah; Tacoma; Washington,D.C., Worcester; and Madison County.

According to Forbes, those who can’t get their records expunged can find help getting a job in the cannabis industry at these events.

Learn more about the awareness campaign and find an event near you here.



Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - 04:32

Likening the proliferation of illicit marijuana cultivation to a “raging forest fire,” Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey is once again urging the governor to declare a state of emergency.