Federal Government to Fund Research Into Marijuana Pesticide Removal

The National Science Foundation will fund research into the removal of pesticides from marijuana plants.

The federal agency announced the $200,000 grant to Brooklyn Bioscience last month, Marijuana Moment reports. The grant will fund a two-year effort to develop an enzyme that could break down organophosphates (OPs), a class of insecticide that can cause harm to both humans and animals.

“Agricultural analysts have calculated that the pesticide segment of the market represents $17 billion, with more than a tenth of that corresponding directly to the sales of OPs,” Jin Kim Montclare of Brooklyn Bioscience told the publication. “Given the importance of sustainability and environmental health, it’s more vital than ever to develop biologically-based solutions for crop protection, and with the support available at NYU Tandon, Brooklyn Bioscience is making great strides.”



Wednesday, July 22, 2020 - 05:21

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