The Clock is Ticking on California’s Cannabis Bills

Cannabis Wire has a run-down of several cannabis-related bills that must pass the State Assembly or Senate by Friday, Sept. 13.

As the publication notes, two bills — a cannabis baking law and one that would allow veterinarians to recommend cannabis for pets — have been tabled until 2020. A few are already headed to the governor for signature.

The remaining bills include:

  • SB 305: allow patients in palliative care to use medicinal cannabis in healthcare facilities
  • SB 581: require cannabis licensing agencies to post specific information about applicants and licensees online
  • SB 595: allow fee deferrals or waivers for local social equity applicants and licensees

Read more about the bills at Cannabis Wire



Monday, January 27, 2020 - 09:14

Costa Mesa’s cannabis program is like a microcosm of the state’s experiment with legal weed. Hoping for a windfall in tax revenue, the city opened its doors to commercial marijuana in 2016.