Two Marijuana Delivery Companies Obtain Permits in Marin

Express2You and Buttercup & Spring have secured permits to operate delivery-only medical marijuana retail businesses in unincorporated Marin County. They were among 15 businesses that applied for permits under an ordinance approved three years ago, according to NBC News

There are two remaining spots left. Two of the finalists who were not drawn from the ultimate lottery can try again within six months.

Express2You and Buttercup & Spring will have to obtain operating licenses at a cost of $7,000 each. They are to be located 76 San Pablo Ave. and 7 Mt. Lassen Drive.

The 2017 ordinance specified that cannabis business be 600 feet or more from sensitive sites such as schools or daycare in an industrial or commercial zone. Their signage is also restricted.



Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - 04:32

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