Large Marijuana Grow Busted on Cosumnes River Preserve

Illegal marijuana raids conducted last month on the Cosumnes River Preserve in south Sacramento County netted 15,000 plants, 3,000 pounds of processed weed, three firearms, and 11 arrests, according to the Sacramento Bee

The operation was carried out by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, which owns the land. The agency discovered a slew of environmental violations ranging from deer poaching to illegal water diversion and pesticide and waste contamination that put waterways and wildlife habitats at risk.

“The grow was located in sensitive wildlife habitat,” a news release said. “The property is home to hundreds of bird species, including the greater sandhill crane and Swainson’s hawk.”

Environmental degredation caused by marijuana cultivation on public land is a growing problem. Eradicating the sites can be a difficult undertaking and detection is often half the battle.



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