Will Lemon Grove Ever Get the Cannabis Businesses It Asked For?

Lemon Grove, California began accepting applications for medical cannabis businesses two years ago, but today there’s not a single dispensary in sight. There may never be one if the city’s fiscal situation doesn’t improve.

From Candid Chronicle:

Currently, Lemon Grove is on the brink of bankruptcy and has been looking for new revenue sources. Despite the increase in commerce that cannabis dispensaries would bring to the city, Lemon Grove has looked to solutions like hat and t-shirt sales to supplement the failing budget.

If Lemon Grove does declare bankruptcy, the city may have to disincorporate as well. Disincorporation of Lemon Grove would mean that the area becomes a part of San Diego County municipality; the county itself does not allow cannabis. Other cities that have disincorporated faced a five-year wind-down period for cannabis businesses.

Residents approved medical cannabis businesses in 2016, but the industry has hit one roadblock after another.

A community advocacy group is currently pushing for an audit of the city’s finances. Depending on what it shows, that could prove to be a major wakeup call. For years now, medical marijuana advocates have said cannabis could provide a much needed source of revenue for the city.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020 - 05:21

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