Survey Highlights Need for Education on Pot Use and Driving

Most cannabis users in California know you can’t drive high. But few understand how intoxication is determined or what the penalties are for driving under the influence of marijuana.

Cannabis technologies firm Eaze recently surveyed 527 pot users with drivers licenses to see how informed they are on the issue. 46% aren’t aware there’s no specific limit for THC concentration as there is with alcohol. 62% don’t know what the possible penalties are for stoned driving. 45% said they drive after consuming cannabis.

Respondents were all over the map when it came to their opinions on when it’s safe to drive after using cannabus. 76% don’t think it impairs their driving at all.

The survey was published on July 17, six days after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill allowing the CHP and other law enforcement agencies to study the impact of driving under the influence of marijuana.

“This is the first window into how California’s cannabis consumers make transportation choices,” Eaze CEO Jim Patterson said of the company’s report. “Educating our customers is a cornerstone of Eaze’s mission, and we’re glad to see the Governor’s Office taking important steps to learn more about cannabis impairment. We hope that the study provides consumers, policymakers and public safety officials insights that increase road safety.”

Read the executive summary here plus this analysis from the Sacramento Bee.



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