Pasadena Criticized Over Cannabis Permitting Process

The City of Pasadena is being challenged by a cannabis dispensary that alleges fraudulent practices in its commercial cannabis permitting process. But is it just sour grapes?

122 cannabis dispensaries applied for six spots to do business in the city. Given the stakes and the competitive nature of the process, it didn’t take long for one of them to cry foul.

Pasadena Now reports:

On June 26, Damian Martin unsuccessfully attempted to appeal the city’s decision after WOW Health and Wellness was not chosen among the top six applicants.

Less than a month later, Martin accused [Planning Director David Reyes] of covertly changing the rules of the process in a “secret, illegal, and total underhanded fashion.”

Reyes admits the city did not work fast enough to post relevant documents in furtherance of transparency. But that's no cause for the allegations of fraud, he says.

“The majority of the applicants have approached the process in good faith and posed questions in the effort to further their understanding and to better their applications,” Reyes wrote in a recent memo. “Some have criticized other applicants and the process, in good faith, which is expected and appropriate. However, a few individuals have, for their own reasons chosen to level personal attacks and accusations against staff.”

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