Nation’s First Cannabis Café Headed for West Hollywood

The West Hollywood Business License Commission agreed unanimously July 16 to grant a license for Lowell Café, the first ever cannabis restaurant of its kind. Flore Flora LLC plans to open the establishment this fall. It will offer a CBD/THC edibles menu and a cannabis smoking lounge.

Lowell Café will not serve alcohol. It will be permitted to operate between 10 a.m. and 2 a.m. However, no cannabis can be sold past 10 o'clock at night.

The Commission's approval was made over the objections of a synagogue that sits next door to the future restaurant.

“The business is to have outdoor space for smoking pot—and I don’t know why my congregation members and participants have to walk through clouds of marijuana to get to synagogue,” Kol Ami Congregation Rabbi Eger complained (LA Eater). “It will limit the use of our outdoor space as well because of the contact high from the smoke that will waft in the area. We have no objections to people buying marijuana for their private use in their domains. We know that many people including our congregants use and enjoy cannabis. Some for health and some for recreation.”

West Hollywood Community and Legislative Affairs Manager John Leonard has assured the congregation that the restaurant will have an appropriate filtration and purification system in place to prevent the escape of odors as required by law.

Lowell’s next order of business is to obtain a license from the state.

In addition to the café, the commission has approved a license for Pleasure Med LLC, a cannabis dispensary and smoke lounge next to the Pleasure Chest adult store.




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