California Extends Shelf Life of Provisional Licensees

Provisional licenses for California cannabis business will now be good through 2022, thanks to a budget trailer bill passed by the Legislature Thursday.

The Passage of Assembly Bill 97, which is expected to be signed into law by governor Gavin Newsom, is “critical” for the industry, Lindsay Robinson, executive director of the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA), wrote in an email to Marijuana Business Daily.

“Thousands of cannabis operators saw their temporary licenses fall into expiration due to extensive processing of annual licenses by state agencies,” she said. “CCIA encourages the Newsom administration to prioritize increased collaboration with the cannabis industry, the Legislature and the regulatory agencies in order to create a comprehensive plan that will streamline business operations, prioritize public safety and health and minimize the growing illicit market.”

Assembly Bill 97 also includes increased enforcement mechanisms. It will impose fines of up to $30,000-a-day on unlicensed cannabis operators. That provision won praise from the United Cannabis Business Association, which represents dispensary owners in Los Angeles. As CalMarijuanaPolicy has covered extensively, Los Angeles has a major problem with black market weed.



Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - 04:32

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