California’s Track and Trace Program Gets Off to a Bumpy Start

California’s track and trace program is chugging along despite some hiccups, says Marijuana Business Daily. The publication recently checked in on the statewide cannabis tracking mechanism, six months after its official launch.

“The slow transition to the new system involved confusion, headaches and extra costs, industry watchers note, reinforcing that legalization has brought with it a new world of red tape,” according to the article.

The program isn’t fully operational. It is only being used by those with provisional or annual licenses, but not by those with temporary business permits. The discrepancy has created some problems, as have some technical issues with the software the state is using. The system is still somewhat “broken,” California Cannabis Industry Association communications head Josh Drayton said.

But the cannabis industry, by and large, agrees the system is needed. Terra Carver, executive director of the Humboldt County Growers Alliance, compared it to a trip to the dentist — a necessary procedure that no one enjoys. It will just take some time to see the wrinkles smoothed out.

Read more about the new tracking program and its challenges here



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