Are You Ready for the “Costco of Cannabis?”

A company billing itself as the “Costco of cannabis” has raised $2.8 million from a group of wealthy investors.

By lowering prices for members, Flower Co. says it hopes to bring more businesses out of the shadows and into the legitimate marketplace.

Tech Crunch explains how the service would work:

Part of building allegiance to the Flower Co. brand is the company’s membership plan. Anybody can make a purchase on the site, but members save up to 40% on purchases, a number that makes a big difference when you’re buying weed by the ounce. An ounce of “Forbidden Fruit” goes for $192 without a membership and $142 with one, for example. With a membership, the company’s “House Sativa” goes for $63 an ounce.

An annual membership to Flower Co. is $119, and in addition to the discounts, users get faster delivery and beta access to the company’s “private events and concert series.” The company just recently launched a two-day delivery service for customers in Sacramento.

The company would start in some markets in California with the hopes of expanding later on.


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