Vacaville Says No to Commercial Pot

There will be no commercial cannabis in Vacaville anytime soon.

On Tuesday, June 11, the City Council voted to do two things: 1) approve a draft ordinance repealing regulations for medicinal cannabis and 2) extend a 2017 moratorium on all marijuana businesses.

The Vacaville Reporter notes that many residents were upset to see medical cannabis treated the same way as recreational weed.

“I understand the fears of the recreation one, but I also understand the need for the medical one,” said one resident, as quoted by the Reporter. “Not everybody who needs it can grow it.”

Tuesday’s vote was 3-1. Vice Mayor Dilenna Harris was not in attendance. Councilman Nolan Sullivan voted no.

Mayor Ron Rowlett signaled that things could change in the future.

“I want to research it (and) I want to bring something to Vacaville at some date,” explained Rowlett. “I want to look at it down the road.”