There’s a New Riverside Sheriff in Town and He’s Undertaking a Pot Enforcement Blitz

Since electing a new sheriff in November, Riverside County has become the ultimate vanquisher of black market weed. Under Chad Bianco’s leadership, the department has pursued a marijuana enforcement blitz, raiding grows in the Anza Valley and confiscating tons of illegally grown plants.

On Wednesday, sheriff’s officials served about 80 warrants on illegal businesses and seized “truckloads” of pot, according to the Los Angeles Times. The last major operation before that took place, not coincidentally, on April 20th (4/20).

“Illegal marijuana grows will not be tolerated in Riverside County,” the sheriff wrote in a Facebook post in April. “If you choose to grow marijuana illegally, expect a visit from us.”

The tough enforcement campaign is welcomed by legal marijuana advocates for the most part. Black market cannabis is a major problem for the state’s licensed operators and threatens to upend much of the progress accomplished by Prop 64.