State Launches New Ad Campaign Against Unlicensed Weed

State officials have launched a new public relations campaign aimed at halting the scourge of black market weed.

As part of its #weedwise initiative, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control has launched an advertising blitz to promote The website allows users to quickly verify whether the retailer they’re using is licensed.

“What’s in your weed shouldn’t be a mystery. Shop licensed cannabis retailers only,” one of the ads proclaims.

“Do you know what’s hiding in your counterfeit edibles?” asks another. “Shop licensed cannabis retailers only.”

The ads come with a dual purpose: to encourage consumer responsibility and to place illicit pot shop operators on notice.

The campaign carries an up-front price tag of $1.7 million and is just one part of a three-pronged strategy that includes tougher enforcement against unregulated cannabis businesses, BCC spokesman Alex Traverso said.

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