South Lake Tahoe Announces Cannabis Permit Winners

South Lake Tahoe has whittled down its 21 cannabis permit applicants to just six. The half dozen finalists are now eligible to apply for a special public safety license. They can then work on negotiating a formal development agreement with the city.

The applicants each spent $20,913 to $22,016 to participate in the process, according to South Lake Tahoe Now.

South Lake Tahoe plans to issue three retail permits, two microbusiness permits, and one cultivation permit by fall. The selections for each category are as follows:


1. Embarc Tahoe
2. Cannablue
3. Tahoe Green


1. Redefining Organics
2. Perfect Union


1. Redefining Organics



Wednesday, May 13, 2020 - 04:43

A bill that would legalize foods, drinks, and cosmetics containing hemp-derived CBD has been tabled by the Legislature as it tackles a mountain of coronavirus-related items.