Medical Marijuana Patients Are Struggling After Legalization

In 11 states, plus Washington, DC, marijuana is now legal for all adults to consume. But the medicinal cannabis industry has been a casualty of that liberalization.

The Associated Press has taken an in-depth look at some of the devastating consequences medical marijuana patients are suffering. In Oregon, for instance, there are just two medical establishments left — down from 400.

The AP’s analysis found that when states legalize recreational pot, medical cannabis programs drop. Recreational cannabis is simply a more profitable business to be in.

Legalization, the AP notes, has also introduced greater scrutiny and regulation to the medical market. Businesses that can’t withstand the fees and red tape have gotten out, leaving a void in the medical marijuana landscape.

Why can’t patients get their weed at an adult-use dispensary instead? Many do. But the products are less potent, forcing them to spend twice as much money. It’s a high price to pay for such a vulnerable segment of society.

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