Lawmakers Are Working to Make California a Friendlier Place for Hemp

Hemp products, including those involving cannabidoil or CBD, are growing in popularity. But California’s Health Department is having none of it, pulling products off the shelves like they're poison, according to L.A. Times columnist George Skelton.

“State law mandates that the CDPH adopt federal laws and regulations pertaining to food, drugs, cosmetics and medical devices,” the department told Skelton. “CDPH is required to enforce those laws and regulations. CBD derived from hemp is currently not allowed in any of the items CDPH regulates…including conventional foods, drugs and cosmetics.”

Skelton blames Prop 64 for not dealing with the issue up front. Now, two bills moving through the California legislature seek to do just that.

SB 153 mandates that the state submit a cultivation plan for hemp to the federal government. AB 228 is a bit bolder. It would legalize hemp CBD, allowing it to be sold in stores without a knee-jerk reaction from public health officials.

Read more about the two bills and the future of hemp and CBD here


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Wednesday, May 13, 2020 - 04:43

A bill that would legalize foods, drinks, and cosmetics containing hemp-derived CBD has been tabled by the Legislature as it tackles a mountain of coronavirus-related items.