California’s Provisional Cannabis Permits Will Be Good for Another Five Years

California's cannabis growers and retailers have another five years to continue operating under provisional permits. The Los Angeles Times reports that California is extending the deadline to comply with more stringent rules required to obtain regular state licenses.

While the move is being lauded by industry groups, it’s “another sign that California’s legal cannabis market is in deep trouble,” says the Times.

The state had hoped to switch over fully to permanent licenses after a year. But today, just 208 growers have obtained these permits. 1,532 are still operating with provisional licenses. Among retailers, those numbers are just 39 vs. 2,751.

The reasons for the delay include cumbersome paperwork, state staffing issues, and environmental rules, including compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act.

Environmental groups oppose the extension. Kim Delfino, California program director for Defenders of Wildlife, said it poses “a significant risk of harm to the public health and environment, but it also is inconsistent with Proposition 64.”


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