Thousand Oaks to Allow — and Regulate — Marijuana Deliveries

Thousand Oaks isn’t happy about new BCC rules allowing cannabis delivery companies to operate statewide. But as long as that’s the reality, it will seek to regulate them.

The City Council introduced an amendment last week overturning a ban on marijuana delivery services. The reversal allows the city to restrict how and where the companies can operate.

Under the expected rule change, cannabis delivery companies would need a business license permit from the city. They would have to pay a city tax and open their systems up to audits. Their drivers must also pass a city background check.

The local regs would be in addition to state rules requiring a license and restricting operations near schools and daycare centers.

“This is yet another example where ... we have absolutely no control,” said Thousand Oaks City Council member Claudia Bill de-la Peña. “So we’re voting for this ... begrudgingly.”

California’s BCC approved statewide marijuana deliveries last year. A number of cities, not including Thousand Oaks, have sued the state over the new rules, which took effect in January.



Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - 04:32

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