Marijuana Arrests Skyrocket at LAX

Marijuana trafficking arrests are up 166% at LAX, reflecting an increase in both small-scale and large-scale smuggling out of one of the world’s busiest airports. The new figures come from arrest records obtained by the L.A. Times and mirror numbers out of Oakland and Sacramento, according to officials there.

Experts say legalization and an oversaturated cannabis market in California have contributed to increased smuggling. The prime destinations for traffickers are Chicago, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Dallas.

There seems to be a hint of schadenfreude in the reaction from the DEA.

“I don’t think we’re surprised by the numbers. These are things we foresaw and we’ve warned folks about,” the agency's Kyle Mori told the L.A. Times. “When states legalize it, you give folks a false sense of security that they can come through TSA checkpoints…. They believe what they’re doing is legal.”



Wednesday, December 4, 2019 - 04:35

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