1 in 4 Marijuana Users Say They Get High at Work

You’re professional. You’re responsible. You would never get high at work. But for the population at large, toking on the job may be more common than you think.

A recent survey looked at the smoking habits of 900 marijuana users in the states of Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. 1 in 4 admitted to using marijuana while at work. 1 in 4 also admitted to getting high before clocking in.

DHM Research conducted the survey with funding from the Quinn Thomas marketing firm. The poll’s estimated margin of error was 3.3%.

The same survey found that marijuana use increased after legalization. More than half (60%) of consumers are male, but they come from all types of socioeconomic backgrounds. Smoking remains the most popular form of use, followed by edibles. Stress, anxiety, and pain were the reasons most frequently cited for marijuana use.



Wednesday, December 4, 2019 - 04:35

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