From Prune Juice To Puff Puff Pass: Cannabis Use Among The Elderly Increase At Rapid Rates

The number of seniors supporting and purchasing marijuana is increasing at a rapid rate. As the baby boomer generation gets older, more of them are turning to the drug they once used in their early twenties, to relieve them of the usual maladies that comes with old age.

Many elderly customers prefer the plant over addictive opioids and other medical procedures which does not work as well in relieving pain. Renee Lee, founder of the over 1000-member-strong Rossmoor Medical Marijuana Club which helps educate seniors on alternative solutions to medical issues, admitted that after her brain surgery she turned to cannabis after being prescribed ten different medications, four times per day. "And I wasn't getting any better," Renee told the LA Times.

Industry experts claim that baby boomers and older are the fastest growing customer base for the marijuana market and shop owners are seeing their customers average around 60 years of age.

More marijuana retail shops are catering to elderly activities. Bud and Bloom in Santa Ana hosts a bingo night where winners receive new vape pens and other marijuana related prizes.